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Air pollution and concerns about poor air quality have been effective in
stopping supermarket expansion, biomass incinerators and roads. This
article examines supermarket expansion.



The Millhouses and Carterknowle Community Group stopped a planned
expansion of a supermarket by Sainsbury's at Archer Road in Sheffield. The
community group measured air quality themselves using low cost gas
diffusion tubes which showed that the levels of pollution were already too
high, and the increased traffic (and traffic pollution) at an expanded
superstore would breach laws for air quality. The campaign ended in
October 2012 when Sainsbury's gave up, despite mounting several legal
challenges to the refusal to grant it planning permission for the
expansion. The success of the campaign demonstrates the robustness of the
decision not to expand the store, and also the effectiveness of air
quality concerns as a campaign tool.

Other attempts for supermarket opposition in Sheffield have also been
halted. In April 2010, another supermarket chain, ASDA withdraw a proposed
plan for expansion of its supermarket in Sheffield after public
demonstrations over air pollution. In 2012, Tesco was reported to be
considering expansion of a supermarket in the town but air quality
concerns were reported as an obstacle (Sheffield Telegraph Oct. 18 2012).

Summary of from campaign at Archer Road, Sheffield from Tescoploy website:

*Archer Road, Sheffield

'A public inquiry was held in June 2011 into the planned expansion of a
Sainsbury’s. Sainsbury's lodged an appeal after Sheffield Council refused
planning permission for a 40 per cent extension of their Archer Road store
in August 2010.
'The council, backed by the Millhouses and Carterknowle Community Group,
said traffic generated by the expansion would clog up already strained
roads and would worsen air quality. 

'In August 2011 Sainsbury’s lost its appeal against refusal of planning
permission to extend a Sheffield store. The planning inspector said: “I
consider that the main issues in this case are the effect of the proposal
on local air quality and the safety and convenience of highway users.” He
said the expanded store could attract up to 13 per cent more traffic –
which would be unaccepteble when combined with that generated by plans for
the expanded Tesco and development of retirement homes on the former
Jacobs site, off Abbeydale Road.

'In October 2012 Sainsbury’s announced it has discontinued its High Court
appeal against decisions by Sheffield Council and the Planning
Inspectorate to refuse plans to expand its Archer Road branch. The
proposals involved significant extensions to the sales space area and
building a multi-storey car park.


*Further reporting

Sheffield Star newspaper 'Joy as fight over stores carries on' (Tuesday 9
August 2011 08:05)


*Campaign link

Sheffield East End Quality of Life Initiative (community and campaign
group including coverage from Millhouses and Carterknowle Community
Group): http://www.sheffieldeastend.org.uk/

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