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Sat Jan 19 12:39:27 GMT 2013

This item was originally posted to the #airqualityegg group email list by
Félix Pedrera García on Jan 18 2013. Some of you may not have seen it, and
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I have recently known of a EU research project in which they are evaluating
new sensing devices, incluiding the low-cost microelctronic gas sensors
used by the AQE and others (Libelium gas sensors, etc).


Maybe it is worth to check-out, since they propose calibration and
self-calibration mechanisms and also analyse from the scientific point of
view the utility of uncalibrated sensors.


Some cites from presentations of the project:

Some lessons learned – what is needed

* Sophisticated applications that combine sensors with WEB based system,
GPS and GPRS system are now available. However, we miss validated sensors
for monitoring at ambient air levels (ppb)
* Many lab. and field comparisons of sensors with reference methods are
carried out. However, results are hardly repeatable. We need model
equations that better describe the sensing processes to hope to reach the
DQO of indicative
* We have to better demonstrate the validity of the spatial distributions
determined using sensors even for the sole informative applications

Contact info for the project: http://www.airmontech.eu/contact/

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