[cleanairuk_news] Do-it-yourself pollution monitoring?

Network for Clean Air contact at cleanairuk.org
Sat Jan 19 12:14:23 GMT 2013

Can you help Chris from Winchester (England) with his enquiry:

I am interested in asking the AQcommunity for advice on how one can go
about do-it-yourself pollution monitoring.

We have in Winchester an interested group of mothers with
children at school close to one of the worst traffic streets in Winchester.
They want to involve the children in a project to measure pollution in some
way.  So they are looking for something pretty cheap in the way of kit and
imaginative, visual ways of demonstrating air pollution.  I can vaguely see
how you might pick up particulates with filter papers or sticky tape on
window ledges etc., But I guess the gases are a bit more difficult to deal

Do you think there is anyone out there in the AQ community who will
have done DIY monitoring or been involved in simple projects of this nature?
Or do we have to just rely on the people with the big expensive machines?

Any leads would be valuable.

All best

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