[cleanairuk_news] How much are electronic air quality sensors from Alphasense?

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Thu Jan 17 12:23:32 GMT 2013

(For some background to this item see: 'Air quality/pollution sensing in
2012 (citizen science/hackspace)' at:

How much are electronic air quality sensors from Alphasense?

The email from them, below, received on Monday 14 January 2013 shows the
prices for various gas sensors. Even with an educational discount, they're
not inexpensive!


      Alphasense sells direct  from the UK to
      OEMs, Education, Research and Government Establishments
      worldwide.  Our price policy is based on annual volume, the larger
the volume, the lower the sensor price.

      As you will see from our website, we have recently launched a range
of sensors aimed specifically at the environmental market and they may
indeed be ideal for your work.

      Given that you are involved in educational projects, we can offer
you specially discounted prices based on our 500pc unit price (no
minimum order quantity):







      all at GBP 49.00 each

      We can also offer idividual sensor boards for each of the sensors at
GBP 63.00 (optional fitting kit  GBP 4.00)

      Data sheets are attached and technical application notes
      describing the design and use of our toxic sensors (including advice
on circuit design) are also available to download:

    Shipping cost (excluding taxes) via TNT
        ?10.    Alternatively, you may use your own freight forward account.

     Prices are in GBP and are FOB
        Alphasense, Great Notley, UK.  VAT is applicable at 20%

        First shipment is by Proforma Invoice, payment before despatch.

        Payment is by Electronics Bank Transfer (BACS) or Cheque ( we
accept GBP, USD & € cheques). We do not accept credit card

      I hope the attached is helpful however if you require any further
information please do not hesitate to contact me direct.

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