[cleanairuk_news] Seven London boroughs given Government funding for Cleaner Air 4 Schools project

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Thu Jan 3 12:33:11 GMT 2013

*Seven London Boroughs given Government funding for Clean Air schools

On 31 December, the UK Government announced grants of about 2 million
pounds for local authorities in England for measures to reduce air
pollution and improve air quality. A substantial amount (188,574 pounds
sterling) has been awarded for public education programmes in London which
has some of the worst air pollution in the UK.

The London Boroughs of Camden, Croydon, Haringey, Southwark, Sutton, Tower
Hamlets, and Westminster will be given a total of 188,574 pounds for
school education projects under a programme called Clean Air 4 Schools.

Todate, London Sustainability Exchange (LSX) has had pilot projects of its
Clean Air 4 School's project in three London schools in Marylebone, London
and another in the borough of Islington.

Further information, about the Cleaner Air 4 Schools project from the LSX
website on 3 January 2012, is shown below.


From: http://www.lsx.org.uk/whatwedo/CleanAir4Schools_page3504.aspx

*Cleaner Air 4 Schools*

An estimated 4,000[1] Londoners a year die prematurely from causes related
to air pollution. Air pollution contributes to myriad health problems
including asthma, heart disease and lung disease. Children are
particularly at risk because of their smaller lung capacity.

London Sustainability Exchange’s Cleaner Air 4 Schools project was
initially launched to support Transport for London’s Clean Air Fund. The
pilot project engaged three schools from Marylebone, one of London’s top
air pollution hotspots, with the aim of improving confidence, knowledge
and skills of parents, teachers, pupils and school governors, helping them
understand the importance of air quality, the main causes of pollution and
actions that can be taken to tackle this problem. Together with Network
Rail, this has now been expanded to include a school in Islington, with
future plans to deliver the project in other schools around London.

The project aims to improve the confidence, knowledge and skills of
parents, teachers, pupils and school governors, helping them understand
the importance of air quality and how it is affected, as well as
influencing behaviours.

Key objectives:

    * Increased awareness of air pollution issues amongst parents,
teachers, pupils and school governors
    * Empower parents, teachers, pupils and school governors to change
their behaviour – such as idling outside school gates - and to
encourage others to do the same

How do we do it?

LSx delivers a focused campaign to the schools, helping to reduce the
problem of idling by empowering participants to measure air pollution
using ‘citizen science’ methods and educate others on the problem of air

    * Air Quality Champion Teams – Air Quality  Champion Teams are formed
of parents, teachers, pupils and school governors in each school. Each
team are given social-marketing skills to educate others and influence
    * Using our tried-and-tested citizen science methods, Air Quality
Teams are trained to use equipment such as diffusion tubes and ghost wipes
to measure pollution levels. Lessons and activities are linked to the
school curriculum.
    * Peer-to-peer social marketing - Air Quality Teams promote awareness
using materials such as posters, badges and stickers, which are
designed and developed by pupils themselves.

For more information contact Tannith Cattermole on 0207 234 9400 or email
t.cattermole at lsx.org.uk

Cleaner Air 4 Schools Toolkit

In partnership with the Greater London Authority, LSx is pleased to
announce the launch of the the Cleaner Air 4 Schools Toolkit for primary
schools in London (http://www.london.gov.uk/cleanairschools). The toolkit
enables primary schools to roll out the Cleaner Air 4 Schools project,
with information and activities using citizen science
 to measure local air pollution, and offering practical information on
reducing pupil and teacher exposure to air pollution. Packed full of
information and resources, the toolkit will help schools raise awareness
of air quality issues in London and deliver behaviour change programmes.

It can also be downloaded from here: Cleaner Air 4 Schools toolkit

[1] Greater London Authority, Estimation of Health Impacts of Particulate
Pollution in London, June 2010

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